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Retro Extended

Retro EU

Fantastic electric bike with a retro look to move around your city. It has a range of 60 to 90 km which depends largely on the type of assistance you choose and the rider's weight. Max Speed 25 km/h. Built with top quality materials and very configurable.

Doubtless a great option outside the traditional bikes. A neckbreaker!!!

A great option outside of traditional bikes.

Warning: This is an on-demand product that will be manufactured with the chosen options. Delivery time may vary between 30 and 50 days depending on the specifications.

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Design and power with a great pair of fat tyres. Start riding the most radical, high-performance e-bike on the market with all-terrain or road tyres, motors up to 1000W of power and a unique frame.

In January 2021, we decided to start a new journey and set up a site where you can find those sliders that leave no one indifferent.

Over the last few years, we have been working day and night to create BKSildes, looking for partners all over the world to offer the best quality and the most fun experience of moving.


Are you a Slider? Join the #BKSlides community, simply the best e-Slides.


We bring you an e-bike that will make your friends follow you, your mum look at you with a face like.... Again!!!, and your couple will ask you, What about mine? We are here to delight you and amaze the people around you, while offering one of the best e-bikes on the market.

The Retro is built with a strong and strong aluminium frame, capable of holding up to 120kg in weight. Its stunning design accommodates passengers from 1'50m to 2'00m in height

Move in style. Start riding with attitude. Get anywhere in an instant with motors from 250W up to 1000W and over 50km/h. Best batteries in its class: Samsung guarantees quality and up to 60km range on a single charge.

The retro has the best you could ask for: easy-to-use Shimano Altus 7-speed gears for a smooth and enjoyable ride; 860C LCD display with USB charge hub to control all electrical parameters; and a Tektro hydraulic disc brake system for safe and clean braking.

You will be able to set the colour from a wide selection of colours.



The Retro bikes boast very powerful motors up to 1000W combined with impressive batteries up to 21AH and 52V and the latest generation controller on all models. You'll feel the acceleration and speed instantly. A super-fluid pedalling experience.

It also includes a SMART LCD 860C colour display with a multitude of programmable assistance parameters by default and USB connection to charge your mobile phone.

Your safety is our priority, which is why we've fitted the new generation Tektro hydraulic disc brake system as standard, including levers and callipers.




Variety is the spice of life, that's why we have brought you several Retro models that are very similar, but at the same time very different. Don't be fooled by appearances as at first glance they look identical. We are pleased to present: RetroEU, Retro-Extends and Retro-Plus.

The biggest difference between the models is in the frame: the RetroEU has a simple but stylish frame; the Retro-Extended has an extension to fit whatever you want, with the option to add a second seat and share the experience as a couple; the Retro EU Plus has details that give it a more Sport look.

All can be configured with a multitude of accessories, they have Bafang motors of 250w36v, 500W48v, 750W52v or 1000W52v, Samsung batteries from 36v13AH to 52V21AH, with maximum speeds from 25km/h to more than 50km/h.

But there's more, all come equipped with a configurable front and rear light. And a thumb throttle on engines over 250W. And a thumb throttle on engines over 250W.

The basic motor configuration (250W) is fully compliant with EU regulations. The Retro falls into the "EPAC" category, which means you can ride it like any normal bike, on public and private streets and without any kind of license, registration or vehicle registration.

For all other motors with power ratings above 250W they can be legally sold in the EU, but cannot be ridden on public streets without prior registration of the vehicle with your local traffic administration. They can be legally considered as a "cliclomotor" and therefore need to be licensed and insured. All this is the responsibility of the customer.

We recommend for all EU users the 250W engine with Mario Fork II suspensions, which give it a radical look.



Technical specifications:

  • Motor:Brushless BAFANG bbshd on rear wheel
  • Power: 250W (EU), 500W, 750W and 1000W
  • Battery:
    • Motor 250W 36v 14ah (60km), 36v 14.5ah (75km), 36v 17.5ah (90km), Samsumg lithium cells
    • Motor 500W 48v 12ah (60km), 48v 14.5ah (75km) , 48v 17.5ah (90km) Samsumg lithium cells
    • Motor 700W and 1000W 52v 14.5ah (60km), 52v 17.5ah (75km), 52v 21ah (90km) Samsumg lithium cells
  • Tyre: 20 "x4''
  • Certification: CE
  • Frame Material: 6061 Aluminimum Alloy-Retro
  • Foldable: no
  • Speed: 25km/h [EU Version Limited to 25km/h (1)]
  • Autonomy: 60 - 90 km
  • <
  • Fork: Mario Fix, Mario I, Mario II
  • Brakes: Tektro E350 180mm hydraulic
  • Throttle:Optional (2)
  • Display: APT-860 colour
  • Shifters:Shimano 7 speed
  • Weight: 35kg
  • Maximum weight: 120kg

Warning:This is a highly configurable product, please check the current legislation in your country to find out if the chosen options are allowed and in which vehicle category you are in. 

In the EU, if you want it to be considered an EPAC, it has to fulfil these conditions:

  • 250w engine
  • No throttle
  • Assistance limited to 25km/h


(1)Engine assistance stops when you exceed 25km/h
(2)If you install the throttle, you will not be able to use it in town like an EPAC

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